Barbicels (Links)

This is a mere embryo of a work in progress . . .

♫ The Sound of Birds ♪

1. The Zebra Finch Song Archive: By navigating to the “Family Tree“, songs and sonograms of an entire captive Zebra Finch dynasty can be heard and viewed, respectively.

2. Xeno-Canto: A community database of bird vocalizations and sonations in the Americas, Asia, and Africa

Ruffled Feathers

The National Fish and Wildlife Forensices Laboratory Feather Atlas: Collection of images and allometrics of remiges and retrices of North American Birds


DigiMorph: an online library of high-resolution X-ray computed tomographic scans of Aves and others


1. A comprehensive site on the care, breeding, and mutations of many Estrildine finches in aviculture

2. Emerald Forest Bird Gardens: Photo-rich husbandry information pertaining to Ramphastids in aviculture

3. A wiki project dedicated to management of avian species in captivity

Birds in Art

1. The Artwork of Susie Ghahremani: All that is finchy and “kawaii”

2. Debbie Goodman: Cut paper collages (best reviewed by Mike@10Kbirds)

Bird Identification Resources

VIREO: The Visual Resources for Ornithology is a searchable collection of bird photographs maintained by The Academy of Natural Sciences


One Response to “Barbicels (Links)”

  1. I haven’t been here in a while! I hope things are going well with your ornithology degree, and best of wishes 🙂

    ~Le Beau Pinson Aviary

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