R.I.P., Boris


< May 2008 – † 26 November 2019

I do not know his hatchdate or year even, but I know that Boris joined the flock after recovering from an accident that left him maimed.  I always wondered if he “remembered” what happened.  I always wondered if he ever suffered from phantom limb syndrome.  I later wondered if surviving such a harrowing experience that physically disabled him was precisely what enabled him to be such a patient and energetic partner, father, and participant in life.

And Boris’s song always soothed me especially after Bulbulicious perished.  He had a deeper, fuller timbre.  Confident and deliberate.  Though it is the end of an era, I’ll shall not forget the songs and wingbeats and company of Bulbuls in my home.

Papa Boris Worm

Boris procured the protein for the youth and also enjoyed some himself. [28 June 2010]

Papa Boris

Boris as the the dutiful father [28 June 2010]

Boris is trying to be supportive, nevertheless.

Boris was often seen by Bulbulicious’s side and fluttered on Bulbulicious’s whim.  Even D.Z. once remarked “He follows her wherever she goes!” [11 October 2011]

let them eat cake

The celebratory convalescent cake baked by M.R. and enjoyed with C.Ch. was indeed vetted by Bulbuls and Bulbul-approved! [1 April 2012] Let them eat cake together in some Bulbul heaven.


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