R.I.P., Bulbulicious

Borjomi “Bulbulicious”

† April 2007 – 16 December 2016


She was the closest to a daughter that I shall have in this lifetime, and indeed I proudly state that she was undeniably a daughter of mine.  She liked to stay up at night and sleep late.  She was into everything.  She dabbled in mischief but always stayed safe.  She was a trooper who commanded the royal treatment of a princess.  I learned so much about Bulbuls and enjoyed an intimate and privileged peek at avian life with her.  I also learned to be my own person from that little feathered person. Her lifespan shall exceed her wingspan for all who knew her; she’ll forever have nest in my heart.

~ by finchwench on Friday, 16 December 2016.

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