Spice of Life

Himalayan Greenfinch (Carduelis spinoides)

Saffron’s day out, 25 October 2009

His name is Saffron (and to avoid confusion, at least in my mind, I refer to the Saffron Finches as the “Flaveolas.”) He was purchased at Bird Crazy about 4 years ago, at a significant discount owing to his flightless condition, after a broken wing. That does not mean that he cannot appreciate some free-roaming in the bird room.

Free-time is play-time.

Tomáš wants to know who lurks there!



~ by finchwench on Friday, 15 January 2010.

3 Responses to “Spice of Life”

  1. OH! Such handsom birds! It is so wonderful you let them out for recess, my canary Mello Yello loves his time outside of his cage in his play pen in front of the window.

  2. How do you get your canary back into his cage after play time??

    • Actually, Tomáš has free reign of the the bird room, so I do not have to capture him. As for Saffron, he is nearly confined to 2 dimensions on account of his wing injury, so catching him is not difficult, but those little legs are speedy.

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