So You Think You Can Dance, Psittacine Edition

Move over, Snowball! The late and great Alex might be turning in his grave. In case you have not been following, a review of the high profile psittacine dance scene has already been well-written and the topic covered extensively in the media. Now, there is a new star on YouTube, and he is taking you to Tookie Town:

This is Tookie, my mother’s cockatiel, dancing to “Teknochek Collision” by Slavic Soul Party.

In addition to the traditional choreographic repertoire including claw tapping and head bobbing, Tookie has got some mad wing-spanning skills on the dance . . . err . . . knee. Perhaps Nymphicus hollandicus could be number 15 on the list of parrot species who have got rhythm? In any case, he earns extra points for original style, and the judges approve of his coach’s choice in music.


~ by finchwench on Thursday, 23 July 2009.

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  1. […] Team Tookie! Having discovered that my mother’s cockatiel, Tookie, is a choreographic prodigy, we contacted Dr. Aniruddh Patel, who led the study of Snowball’s moves. He and Dr. John […]

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