Bringin’ FinchWench Back!

And what better day than Bird Day to resurrect this blog?

Well, it has been a while. I moved. This was not like the time when FinchWench migrated from LiveJournal to WordPress. This time, it was more like I took up all of my precious sticks and twigs and shiny objects and moved them to a new nest box. It has been exhausting, because the new nest box is not new at all and requires a lot of remodeling and reconstruction (and I had accumulated rather too many shiny-to-me objects; some call it “hoarding,” but I prefer to think of it as Bower Bird Syndrome).

On the upside, there is a yard, so the birds now come to me.
Audubon's Warbler
27 February 2009, in my backyard or at least on the property line

The insectivorous birds enjoy my unkempt yard after a rain. He is the Audubon’s Warbler (Dendroica coronata auduboni), unlike the one I saw on campus at the end of last year.


~ by finchwench on Monday, 4 May 2009.

3 Responses to “Bringin’ FinchWench Back!”

  1. Пора переименовать блог, присвоив название связанное с доменами 🙂 может хватит про них?

  2. Супер статья!

  3. […] caching and scatter-hoarding? Actually, the hoarding part would not be a new phenomenon for me, as I have mentioned, but it would be good to follow the Magpie’s example of short-term hoarding. Or maybe it will […]

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