Merry Christmas!

Last year, I got undies for Christmas.
Bulbulicious likes lacey things that ladies wear.
Bulbulicious’s 1st Christmas, 24 December 2007


~ by finchwench on Thursday, 25 December 2008.

3 Responses to “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Do you know of any good resources regarding the care & rehabilitation of wild finches? On Christmas Day, during an awful blizzard, a female wild finch flew into our screen porch. She is not especially fearful, allowing me to walk up and pick her up in my hand. Her left leg seems injured. She is currently living in my laundry room (confined, but with sunlight and not as hot as in the house), eating fresh apple and store-bought finch seed mix. HELP! Thank you – Steph (

  2. […] over the fact that one of the top search engine terms leading to my blog includes the word “panties” And it serves as no consolation that the number one (by grand margin) search term on the […]

  3. Wow! Cangcutna meuni indah pisan euy…! Aduh, lamun diciuman cangcutna ngeunah meureun atawa paranti ngocok!

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