Berlin Budgie Bust

A retired Berlin man was found to be sharing his one-bedroom flat with at least 1500 roommates: Budgerigars. That is an order of magnitude too many, even by my standards. Local veterinary services made the discovery when responding to complaints by neighbours about noise and odor.

Click to view the video.
There were no cages. The birds at least enjoyed free flight about the quarters, which were crowded and unclean. © Spiegel

Veterinary service workers spent seven hours netting up the budgies. And there was not sufficient vacancy for them in local shelters, so some of the birds were transported to shelters in neighbouring towns

Clickable screenshot from the video.
Allegedly, the man gradually acquired and bred the birds until apparently supersaturating capacity of his flat.AP © Spiegel

Remarkably, the birds appear to be healthy for the most part, and obviously, they were breeding quite successfully. It was mentioned in at least one press that the veterinarian, Margrit Platzer, had not observed evidence of disease, except that they suffered from parasites. I think that ectoparasite infestation (i.e. by mites) was implied. Because of the litter, the flat was deemed uninhabitable even for humans,AFP and the now displaced elder Budgie enthusiast could face charges of endangering the life of

According to Wolfgang Apel, president of German Protection of Animals Alliance (Deutscher Tierschutzbund), such cases have been on the rise recently, and he added that in the past week alone, 160 animals had been rescued from private residences in boroughs of Berlin.Spiegel. The pensioner initially purchased the birds allegedly “because he felt lonely,AFP” but I would think that a handful of those noisy and talkative little parrots is already more than sufficient to quench loneliness in the flat.


~ by finchwench on Wednesday, 17 December 2008.

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  1. this is a case of a great crazy birder

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