Nationwide Crisis: Times are hard

The title does not refer to the financial crisis that Congressman Ron Paul predicted, even if he forgot about his prediction (and for the record, Bulbulicious was for Ron Paul). Rather, the title refers to the nationwide mealworm shortage, which Bulbulicious does not support and adamantly protests!

BirdChick attempted to investigate, but her search did not lead to answers.

Despite the shortage, just as the CEOs, of those government sponsered mortgage enterprises, such as FreddieMac, and banks such as WaMu, will claim their exorbitant salaries, some birds do not appreciate the severity of the situation.

Theories about the financial crisis abound, but does anyone have any information about what afflicted the mealworms?


~ by finchwench on Saturday, 4 October 2008.

2 Responses to “Nationwide Crisis: Times are hard”

  1. I was aware this last summer of a mealworm shortage but I could never understand why folks that feed mealworms don’t grow there own? They are easy to grow and don’t take much room, plus they are fresh as can be! I didn’t have any problem finding some locally even during the “shortage”.

  2. I think that the primary complaint about raising one’s own mealworms is that they do not smell so fresh. Although, the crickets smell worse!

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