Blessed be Bulbulicious

I stand to be “banned” from commenting in any blog hosted by the ScienceBlog™ network for this, but I confess that last year, I took Bulbulicious for blessing on the feast of St. Francis d’Assisi at Guardian Angels Catholic Church in Santee. As her guardian, I felt that it was my duty to expose her to something spiritual and what better occasion for a Bulbul?  There was only one other to represent the Avian class: an Orange-winged Amazon (Amazona amazonica), if I remember correctly.

3 October 2007 at the so-called “barking lot” of Guardian Angels Catholic Church

Bulbulicious was concerned about all of the chanting, but I think that she enjoyed the hymns at the beginning of the service. In the video surveillance, a canine exultation to the prayer “for all that is beautiful in the lives of women and men” can be heard. Bulbulicious listened attentively. With exception of making a mess of her fruity pellets, she was very well-behaved. She deserved an ice-cream!


~ by finchwench on Saturday, 4 October 2008.

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