Lesser Goldfinch

Carduelis psaltria

2 August 2008 on my balcony

3 August 2008

One day, while walking homeward from the bus stop through the neighborhood behind my apartment complex, I heard and saw Lesser Goldfinches. They were less than a block from my apartment.

Thistle seed in a thistle sock is said to be a promising recipe for attracting Goldfinches. Although my apartment is located on a very busy, high traffic (and high accident) street, I hoped to lure those Lesser Goldfinches to my place. During the first week or so, the thistle seeds hung untouched. Then, I began to notice a messy sprinkling of little black rods on my balcony floor. By the next day, the floor was saturated with thistle hulls. And finally, I could not step out for weekend chores without interrupting Lesser Goldfinches who wheezed away each time I came and went. By the end of that weekend, they seemed not to mind me as long as I did not let the screen door slam.



~ by finchwench on Sunday, 17 August 2008.

One Response to “Lesser Goldfinch”

  1. Awesome pretty little birds. I used to live in Long Beach, but was never interested in wild birds till I moved to teh UK. Something I do regret, not enjoying the wild birds when I lived there.

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