Good Night

I have spotted Ronen and Bulbulicious in an inter-order slumber party.

16 June 2008
Bulbulicious is the first bird whom I have known to experience seemingly extended periods of deep mammalian-style REM sleep. If even I tip-toe past the roosting site of any other bird, including Bulbulicious’s conspecific, Boris, eyes are opened, and the sleep state is disrupted instantly. Bulbulicious, on the other hand, slumbers through my late night homecoming for example, despite the clicking of the lock, the jingling of keys, and the shuffling of my books and papers and things. She did once wake up and approach me when she heard me struggling with the packaging of some individually wrapped biscotti (that sound being a Pavlovian bell signalling of the opportunity for sweet icing just as the suctiony sound of the refrigerator door being opened seems to guarantee mealworms). Bulbulicious also sleeps later than any of my other birds, again including Boris who makes his announcements as early as 6:00. Bulbulicious even sleeps through that din for half an hour to an hour longer. I have known her to sleep later than me on some occasions, around 10:00 or so, when she was much younger. Could she have learned this sleep pattern?



~ by finchwench on Thursday, 26 June 2008.

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