In the news: Hoopoe is declared the national bird of Israel

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Одним из аргументов в пользу избрания удода стало упоминание о нем в Библии и Коране. В то же время, как сообщается на сайте израильского Седьмого канала,причиной победы удода на конкурсе могло стать наличие у этой птицы “головного убора”, отдаленно напоминающего традиционную деталь одежды евреев.

Apparently, Hoopoe is an inedible bird according to the Bible and an emissary according to the Koran.

There were some concerns about the competition:

A few nominees caused a flap.

A bird listed on the ballot as the Yellow Tufted Sunbird had some Israelis wondering if it was the best choice for their national symbol.Why? Its more common name is the Palestinian Sunbird.

“You can understand that the name makes a big difference for Israelis,” said Dan Alon, the director of the Israel Ornithological Society and a driving force behind the elections.

Patriotic Israelis deemed the Griffin Vulture too violent to represent the state, though left-wingers called it appropriate.

Other Israelis were reluctant to vote for the Barn Owl because some Arab cultures consider it bad luck. With more than a million people, Arabs make up nearly 20 percent of Israel’s population.

The close competitors were the Goldfinch and Warbler.



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